1. sleepy-inseattle said: congrats on wasting your time. but writing a paragraph that sums up tumblr doesnt make you better than everyone else. so please, go do something BETTER with your life. thanks

    i could say the same to you, considering you responded to a troll post on a troll tumblr. that at least makes me better than you. :)

  2. "love is like a cup of coffee, when you take a sip you realize "this isn’t what i ordered." "
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  4. Anonymous said: Do i know you?

    do i want to know you?

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    fuck you sarah

    fuck you sarah

  8. i dont love you, i don’t hate you, but i love you god damn it.
  9. thagurlwiththacurl said: hey! thanks for following me! whats up?

    what’s up: my blood pressure ever since she left me.

  10. Anonymous said: This is how I feel about your blog: <3

    i wish i could feel that way about life